FÉMIKSZ Wire Processing and Nail Manufacturing Co.


FÉMIKSZ Huzalfeldolgozó és Szeggyár Kft.

Femiksz Co.
Vaskoz Str. 6.
H-3600 Ozd, Hungary
Phone: (+36 48) 471 247
Fax: (+36 48) 478 095
E-mail: femiksz@femiksz.hu

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hard drawn steel wires  -  semi-hard drawn steel wires  -  soft steelwires

hot rolled steel wire rods  -  uncoated steelwires  -  ringed shank nails  -  wirenails

galvanized nails  -  galvanized wires

FÉMIKSZ Huzalfeldolgozó és Szeggyár Kft.

Introduction of FEMIKSZ Co.

FEMIKSZ Wire Processing and Nail Manufacturing Company was founded in 1994. FEMIKSZ Co. is owned by Hungarian private individuals.

The main activity of the company is the processing of hot rolled wire rod and production of hard-, semi-hard and soft wires, production of shaped nails and wire nails.

The compamy has got the following production capacities:

wire drawing    

20000 tons / year

wire softening    

5000 tons / year

wire-nail production    

12000 tons / year


1000 tons / year

The company purchases the raw material mainly from the local mill of Ozd Steelworks Ltd. and from Poland as well.

FEMIKSZ is one of the stable, established and profitable enterprises conglomerated into an industrial site in the zone of Ozd. Our business ethics is a mix of private enterpreneur attitude with the necesseary social sensitivity.

The quality of the company`s products complies with Western-European standards. Products manufactured here are accepted by the French, German, Austrian, Italian and Dutch markets as well.

The company has received the ISO 9002 certificate in 1997

The main strength in the commercial activity of the firm lies in its capability to react quickly to changes in the marketplace.

The orders of solvent partners are delivered from stock or with a 5-15 days manufacturing lead time.

Furthermore we can transport our products to the customers premises for an additional charge.

The turnover of the company steadily increases each year.

Headquarters: Vaskoz u. 6. H-3600 Ozd Hungary
Address: Hungary, H-3601 Ozd, P.o.box: 50
E-mail: femiksz@femiksz.hu
WEB: www.femiksz.hu
Telephone: (36) 48 471 247, (36) 48 472 836
Telefax: (36) 48 478 095, (36) 48 471 247